• e-city Giulia

    e-city Giulia

    Alfa Romeo

  • e-mtb Dolomiti

    e-mtb Dolomiti

    Alfa Romeo

  • e-mtb Tributo
  • e-urban Man
  • e-urban Woman
  • Touring Sport

    Touring Sport

    Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo Touring designed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo and Compagnia Ducale for new interpretation of Calandra Alfa Romeo. Available…

  • Pop Sport

    Pop Sport


    Bici 5oo Pop Sport designed by Centro Stile Fiat – Officina 83Style and Compagnia Ducale. Designed to be carried…

  • ABARTH Kid Extreme

    ABARTH Kid Extreme


    After having seen grown-ups having fun with the Extreme Fat Bike, a permormance-oriented upgrade of the mountain bike, Abarth…

  • ABARTH Single Speed

    ABARTH Single Speed


    From the track to the road: Abarth and Compagnia Ducale present the ABARTH SINGLE SPEED ESSEESSE, the “dual mode”…

  • ABARTH Extreme Fat Bike

    ABARTH Extreme Fat Bike


    Abarth and Compagnia Ducale are changing the rules of the game for the fat bikes: faster, more versatile, lighter….

  • 4C


    Alfa Romeo

    Sophisticated Design, lightness, innovative frame. These key words distinguish the project “IFD 4C Bicycle” designed by Centro Stile Alfa…

  • 8C Competizione

    8C Competizione

    Alfa Romeo

    Alfa 8C Competizione limited edition is the most exclusive version of the model 8C Competizione.
8 C Competizione was born…

  • Competizione


    Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo Competizione designed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo is the perfec transposition of the side of the prestigious…

  • Stradale


    Alfa Romeo

    Consistent with the dynamism and strength of the Alfa Romeo Brand, Centro Stile Alfa Romeo and Compagnia Ducale have…

  • Touring


    Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo Stradale Touring designed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo and Compagnia Ducale is the easy model of the…

  • Cross


    Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo Cross designed by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo is the mountain bike in which the elegance of shapes…

  • Junior 20”

    Junior 20”

    Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo Junior for boys 5 – 11 years old, is comfortable and joyful. Alfa Romeo Junior is created…

  • eBike 500L

    eBike 500L


    eBike 500L Inspired by the new 500L designed by Officine 83 Style e Compagnia Ducale. Compact, foldable, versatile,…

  • Baby 12”

    Baby 12”

    Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo Baby, is exceptional for the first drive experiences. Safe and nice, it’s for children 2 – 4…

  • eBike 500E

    eBike 500E


    eBike 5oo designed by Compagnia Ducale and Officine 83Style takes its inspiration from the new 5ooL. The curvy lines,…

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