8C Competizione

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Alfa 8C Competizione limited edition is the most exclusive version of the model 8C Competizione.
8 C Competizione was born thanks to a combination of Italian design and the utmost expression of the craft handmade product: a dream where the magic comes true. 8 C Competizione is 100% Alfa Romeo: tradition, passion, Italian spirit, technological research. It is Alfa Romeo’s DNA. Innovative and evocative design, high technology, care for the details: 8C Competizione is a true first class sports bicycle. Elegant, original, designed around a car with a majestic structure in a line that seems shaped by the wind. Its measures are compact and the lightness of its materials and shapes is the conceptual heart of Alfa 8C Competizione. The carbon fibre frame is so beautiful and sensual to satisfy both the sight and the touch. The care for the details is not mere yielding to aesthetics, but it is the result of the design of Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, where the care for the craft work stands out in the finish and in the choice of the materials. Customizable in the colour and dimensions of your choice, Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is a true jewel made unique by the distinctive imprint of its owner. Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione: the essence of style.

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