Style, research, creativeness, quality.

These are the words synthetizing Compagnia Ducale’s business philosophy. Style and technology have always represented two key elements in the company’s history. Established in 2006, Compagnia Ducale developed its professionalism, applying it to the complete cycle of transposition of the Brand values on style objects. Meeting new needs with readiness and flexibility, investments in research and technology to produce quality and develop creative originality: these are the principles upon which Compagnia Ducale bases its own strategy, open to all innovations in design and finished products. Compagnia Ducale has always been a partner of Fiat Group for style and elegance objects, which hold Brand values at their core. Compagnia Ducale has always applied an investment policy aimed at continuous and coherent rationalization of its own development, in order to improve the wellbeing and the satisfaction of its customers, creating, at the same time, value for the employees and the communities in which it operates.

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